Welcome at 8Winds

I am Jaap 't Hooft, director at 8Winds. My professional career is in electrical engineering, energy conservation, renewable energy and over 30 years in wind energy. 8Winds is my latest venture after working with NL Agency (now RVO).

Under the name 8Winds I operate from January 2012 as independent consulting engineer for offshore wind technology development.

My main strengths are:
- Consulting on wind technology development
- Writing technical wind R&D proposals
- Evaluating technical wind R&D proposals
- Technical writing and structuring technical proposals and reports
- Technology searches
- Brainstorming, chairing and reporting of technical meetings.

Other areas of technical expertise are amongst others in energy conservation, solar energy and lighting. See also the page experience for a more thorough overview.

From the spring of 2014 till Winter 2020 I was Innovation Broker (Innovatiemakelaar) of the TKI-WoZ (Top consortium for Knowledge an Innovation Wind at Sea). 

Over the years 8Winds assisted it’s clients with 8 grant applications, which were all granted.

The total eligible project costs were 13,5 M€ and the total granted subsidy was 6,9 M€. (update 2020 is pending)